Rebecca Sitton Sitton Spelling and Egger Publishing

Rebecca Sitton Sitton Spelling and Egger Publishing

Rebecca Sitton was interviewed in June 2006 for an article in the Phoenix Business Journal titled

‘Be selective about your priorities’

The portion of the article containing her responses is pasted below and you can read the entire article here:

Rebecca Sitton Egger

Egger Publishing Inc.

Title: Author

web site: Rebecca Sitton – Sitton Spelling

Phone: 480-596-5100, 888-937-7355.

What advice would you give other professional women to help them strike a healthy work-life balance? “We are always adjusting, fashioning and shaping aspects of our life in an effort to achieve this elusive element called balance. My advice is to simply enjoy the process.”

What is your ideal way to unwind and have fun? “To read, ski and travel. And gardening. I love bright, blooming flowers.”


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