Rebecca Sitton Newsletter is Available

The March Edition of the Rebecca Sitton Appleseeds Newsletter is available at this link

This issue includes: 

Phonics For Wordsmiths

  • For the primary grades (the letters ch)
  • For the upper grades (the letters ch)

Sourcebook Teaching Tips

Ask Rebecca

What’s Current?

  • ELL Issues—How Can Vocabulary-Building Meet the Challenges?
  • No Carryover? Four Questions and Four Answers to Solve This Problem

More information about spelling


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One response to “Rebecca Sitton Newsletter is Available

  1. shannonmartin

    Hi Rebecca!

    I teach third grade. I just went to your conference in LA; now I’m starting your program mid year. This concerns me a little because I’ve been using the traditional list system. Any thoughts on how to ease the change would be great. Should I notify the parents? How much explanation should I give the kids?

    Also, do the students copy off the board when they write in the right hand column of the word preview, or do I say the words again?

    Thanks so much!


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