Homophones – List of Homophones

List of Homophones

Teaching Homophones

Homophones Definition at Wikipedia 

Definition of Homophones


Homophones are pairs of words that sound the same but are spelled differently, i. e. , are pronounced the same but written differently.

Homophone Translation (Humor)

Homophones for Homophone Games

Spelling Words – Homophones

Homophones Lesson Plan

Definition of Homonyms


Homonyms derive from the Greek words homoios = identical and onoma = name. Homonyms are words that sound the same (i. e. have the same phonetic or orthographic form) but different meanings. In derivation, homonym means the same name, homophone means the same sound, and homograph means the same letters.
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Definition of Homographs


Homographs have the same letters but have different meanings or are different parts of speech.


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