Homophones List

Homophones List

Lesson 84.

bail, surety.            bold, brave.
bale, a pack of goods.   bowled, did bowl.
bait, a lure.            bourn, a limit.
bate, to lessen.         borne, carried.
base, low; vile.         bow, a weapon.
bass, a part in music.   beau (bo), a man of dress.
beach, the shore.        break, to sever by force.
beech, a kind of tree.   brake, a thicket.
beat, to strike.         bruise, to crush.
beet, a vegetable.       brews (bruz), does brew.
bin, a box.              by, near.
been (bin), existed.     buy, to purchase.
List of Homophones

Definition of Homophones


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