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Ask Rebecca



I went to your seminar in Wisconsin

with two staff members in February

and wish more of my district teachers

could have attended. I looked at your

website for another seminar in our

location, and there are none. Can you

come to our school district for

a seminar?

Ellen Windsong

Language Arts Coordinator


Dear Ellen,

We do seminars, such as the one you attended, that are open

to educators from the area, and we do seminars just for schools

and school districts. Sometimes these schools or districts open

their seminars to other educators.

To schedule a seminar, call our office toll free at 888-937-7355.

Ask for information about scheduling a seminar. We’ll help

you. Discuss possible dates and expenses.

There are three other veteran presenters besides me who conduct

the Sourcebook Seminars for Teaching Spelling and Word

Skills. Each of us lives in a different U.S. city. We all provide

Sourcebook training, but we do it our own way. However, we

all use the same format and seminar handbook to be certain the outcome is the same.

The seminar is usually the same length as the one you attended—from about 8:30 in the morning until about

3:15 in the afternoon, with approximately an hour for lunch. Yet, some districts choose a different time

arrangement, such as meeting from 8:00 am until 1:45 pm with no lunch break. The total seminar length is

the same. On occasion, the seminar for all teachers is just one-half day, and the rest of the presenter’s day is

spent training a handful of “spelling mentors” who then train your other teachers using the Tutor Me Training

CD-ROM program.

In some cases, the seminar can offer “credit” for attendance. This depends upon the amount of class time, participating

credit source (such as a university), and the kind of credit that is desired.

There is nothing more effective for learning how to use the Sourcebook than to participate in a basic training

seminar. For veteran Sourcebook users, there is an extension seminar which has been immensely popular!

There’s even a seminar we do for parents!

Do you have a question? Call me at home or toll free at the office, send me an e-mail, or set up a complimentary

conference call for a group of colleagues who have questions. • e-mail: rsitton @

• home phone: 480-473-7277 • office phone: toll free at 888-WE-SPELL (937-7355) or 480-596-5100


Rebecca Sitton’s SOURCEBOOK Series for Teaching Spelling and Word Skills for Grades 1–8

Published by Egger Publishing, Inc. • Call us toll free at 888-WE-SPELL •


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