Word-Making Activities for the Primary Grades

Rebecca Sitton Spelling and Word Skills Newsletter

Word-Making Activities for the Primary Grades

It’s true—when students routinely engage in word making and word analysis, the result is measurable

growth in essential language skills.

Here are activities of various difficulties to enrich your word work. Begin by writing each letter of

Thanksgiving on large autumn-colored letter cards and place them in a pocket chart or chalk tray to

spell Thanksgiving.Mix the letters. Students take turns respelling

Thanksgiving. If necessary, provide a model word

for students in order to reposition the letters.

Randomly distribute the letters of Thanksgiving among students. Ask them to work as a team

to respell Thanksgiving.Ask students to find small words inside

Thanksgiving (thank, thanks, than, in, an, giving).

Then they write sentences using the little words. Repeat the activity with current words from

across the curriculum (mathematics: mat, math, at, the, he, them, I).

Use the letters in Thanksgiving to spell small words (e.g., sting, thin, hats, kings, skin, giant,

asking, knight, visit, saving, having, ninth, sink, taking, thing). List students’ words on a

chart. Later, conceal the words for students to recall and write. Next, reveal the words for


Discuss Thanksgiving as a compound word. Post a chart, Compound Words We Know. Beside

it, place colorful sticky notes. Then students begin a compound Word Find. They write each

compound they discover on a sticky note and stick it to the chart. Later, you write the words on

the chart with a marker. Small groups can take turns reading the compounds. Play a deletion

activity with the compound words—for example, say Thanksgiving without giving. Later, cut

the chart to form two words from each compound. Place the words in a basket in your literacy

center for students to pair to make compound words.

Underline Thanks in Thanksgiving. Have students write a thank-you note to a friend. After

pairing for proofreading, students deliver their note.


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