Spelling bee protesters: “Enuf is enuf!”


Kind of a funny article -protestors want to make spelling easier so people who can’t spell can fill out job applications.  If you get a job application with the “new spelling” all over it, are you really going to even consider hiring that person?  Are they going to mandate that people who can’t spell must be hired anyway?

 It is probably a good sign that they only managed to get seven protestors to attend.

Spelling bee protesters: “Enuf is enuf!”

By Carl Weiser, Gannett News Service
WASHINGTON — Protesters delivered a message Wednesday to the national spelling bee: Enuf is enuf!
Seven members of the American Literacy Society picketed the 77th annual spelling bee, which is sponsored every year by Cincinnati-based Scripps Howard.

The protesters’ complaint: English spelling is illogical. And the national spelling bee only reinforces the crazy spellings that lead to dyslexia, high illiteracy, and harder lives for immigrants.

“We advocate the modernization of English spelling,” said Pete Boardman, 58, of Groton, N.Y. The Cornell University bus driver admitted to being a terrible speller.

Protester Elizabeth Kuizenga, 56, is such a good speller she teaches English as a second language in San Francisco. She said she got involved in the protest after seeing how much time was wasted teaching spelling in her class.

Bee spokesman Mark Kroeger said good spelling comes from knowing the story behind a word — what language it comes from, what it means.

“For these kids who understand the root words, who understand the etymology, it’s totally logical,” he said.


And here are some accounts of protests in the years 2005 and 2006.




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