List of Homophones

Homophones Beginning With G – Spelling Vocabulary Words
gaff, gaffe

gage, gauge

gait (-s), gate (-s)

gamble (-s), gambol (-s)

gang, gangue

gays, gaze

gel (-s), jell (-s)

gene (-s), jean (-s)

gibe (-s), jibe (-s)

gild, gilled, guild

gilt, guilt

 gin (see djinn)

glair (-s), glare (-s)

glutenous, glutinous

gnaw, naw

gneiss, nice

gnomic, nomic

gnu (-s), knew, new (-s)

goaled, gold

gored, gourd

gorgeous, gorges (?)

gorilla, guerrilla

grade, grayed

grate, great

grays, graze

grip, grippe

grisly, gristly (?), grizzly

groan, grown

grocer, grosser

guarantee, guaranty

guest, guessed

guide, guyed

guise, guys

gyre, jire

List of Homophones « Spelling – Teaching Spelling

Homophones Beginning With F – List of Homophone Words · Words in which Y final is changed into ies in the Plural · Words in which f and fe are changed into

List of Homophones « Spelling – Teaching Spelling

This site has many additional lists of homophones. Just use the search box above to search for homophones or “list of homophones” and you will be able to


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